Adding a Paypal is required in order to sell other brands products on you store. It also important to know payouts are made on a 7 day schedule. Therefore, your Paypal account should be able to access funds for the sales 7 days prior:

Example payout schedule:

Sale DatePayout Date
Jan 1 - 7Jan 14
Jan 7 - 14 Jan 21
Jan 14 -21
Jan 28

If payouts fail for particular week, the unpaid amount would automatically be added to the following week payout.

Ally uses Paypal  to send payouts to brand partners. You can read more of the Paypal Payout API here.

Before you start:

1) Paypal Business Account: Sign up here if you don't already have an account

How to:

1) Go to paypal developer portal here

- You need to login to your Paypal business account first

2) Click the "Live" tab

3) Click Create App

4) Enter any APP NAME

5) Click Create App

6) Scroll Down and make sure "Payouts" is check marked and click save

7) Scroll back up on the same page, and look for "Client Id" and SAVE this to add to ALLY. Make sure not to share this ID.

8) Click "Show" and Secret and copy the "Secret" and SAVE this to add to ALLY. Make sure not to share this ID.

9) Go to Settings in the Ally Dashboard

10) Go to the Sell Tab

11) Turn on the Sell Switch

12) Paste the Client ID and Secret into the inputs

13) Click Save