Both sellers and brands can add partners. Adding partners starts with retrieving a invite code from your partners.

If you have not setup a Shopify AND Paypal Account already please read these articles first:

Before you start:

1) Brand Partner must have Shopify Account connected, Brand Switch ON and a Paypal Payout Email setup

2) Seller Partner must have Shopify Account connected, Seller Switch ON and  Paypal Client Id and Paypal Secret setup

3) Your partners Invite code. Found in your partners ALLY account Settings Tab

How to:

1) Go to Partners Tab

2) Click Add Partner

3) Select if you are a brand or a seller

3a) If you selected Brand, you will need to select which Shopify Collection of Products will be synced in this partnership.

4) Enter the Invite Code of your partner

5) Enter the % Fee that the Seller in the partnership will receive

 6) If you'd like product data such as title, body description and images to be synced ongoing then turn on this switch. On initial sync the products data will be pulled in regardless of the switch being on. If the seller in the partnership would like to control images, title and description of the products then leave this switch off. Variant (price) and inventory data is by default always turned on, and is not impacted by the state of this switch.

7) Click Invite Partner (you will now see the partnership in the Invited Section)