You must accept a partnership invite in order to start syncing with you partners. 

If you have no pending invites or are looking to add a partner NOT accept a partner, read this article instead.

Accepting a partnership will do the following things:

  • Sync in the Products (selected by the Brand) for this partnership
  • Ongoing sync of variant and inventory data of synced products
  • If selected, Ongoing Sync of Products data of synced products
  • Automated Order creations on Brand Shopify Store, when Seller sells the brands products on its own Store
  • Updated Fulfilment on Seller Shopify Order when Brands mark orders as fulfilled
  • Weekly Payouts for amount due for order to Brand minus Partnership fee, from Seller Paypal to Brands 

Before you start:

1) A invite from your partner

How to

1) Go to the Partners Tab

2) Click Pending

3) Click Accept

3a) If you are a Brand, you will see a popup to select the Shopify Collection of Products you'd like to sync for this partnership

4) Partnership will start syncing, after a few moments check Synced tab to see if syncing is finished.